Truescape Escape Room.

The time is ticking! The tension is rising! Are you going to make it within 60 minutes?

Free yourself by solving puzzles, riddles and performing different types of actions.
Good searching for clues, making connections and communicating with your teammates are the key to success!



We just don't know to where yet!

On November 11 2018 we will receive our last players and close the doors of our room on the van Vollenhovenstraat 15!
We are currently looking for a new place to move to. Keep an eye on our page! If we have more information we will post this here!

Want to play "the Asylum" as it is now?
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Escape Room

The Asylum

In 1947 this "Asylum" was closed after reports of extreme violence and gruesome experiments. As far as known, no one has been seen there since.

For some time rumors have been going on that something or someone has settled in this "abandoned institution" to do the most horrible experiments again on patients they kidnap. In the official media, however, nothing can be found about these facts, so it is assumed that it is not true and that the institution is still empty. Do you dare to discover the truth?

60 minutes
3 - 8 players

34 min and 16 sec 16/10/2017

Escape rate 2016
Escape rate 2017
Escape rate 2018 - until april


Van Vollenhovenstraat 15 Unit 25, 3016 BE Rotterdam
+316 12653432